This is a "uses" page, which details what I use on a daily basis in my work as a developer and general computing nerd, as well as other tools, utilities and resources that I find handy and wish to share with others. The concept was popularized by uses.tech.

I try to keep this list current. In order to keep myself honest, I'll display the last updated date here, so I can be publicly ridiculed when I get out of date.

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2023


ClassThingUsed for
Personal LaptopLenovo Thinkpad T14s Gen 2Code, Web browsing, Primary "Compute" system
Other laptopMacbook Pro M1Was laid off, but company let me keep it. Now a media device mostly.
DesktopCustom built, AMD Ryzen 3800xGaming Home Theater PC
MobileOnePlus 11 5G (CPH2451)Doomscrolling and wasting time
KeyboardKeychron Q8 Alice with MELETRIX WS Grey switches.A lot of typing.
Over-the-ear HeadphonesAudio-Technica ATH-M50xConference calls, Music listening
In-ear HeadphonesMoondrop Kato"sit and listen" music sessions
Audio AmplifierHIBY FC4Used mostly with the IEMs, "sit and listen" music


ClassTool of ChoiceNotes
Personal Laptop OSEndeavourOSLove the Arch ecosystem, but not the install process.
Display ManagerKDEMiss using a tiling WM, but also happy to have creature comforts baked in.
Text EditorNeoVimMaking heavy use of the LazyVim starter. I can never solidly decide between vim and emacs.
Web BrowserVivaldiLove having tree-view tabs on the left side of the screen.
ShellfishDecorated with Starship. Was a long-time ZSH user, but the auto-complete of fish tempted me.
NotesLogSeqStarted putting my notes here, Syncing between my devices with Syncthing.