Well, I should've been paying attention

So, I guess on 30 April 2013, Posterous Spaces was shuttered. You should see what's there now.

Then, a full three months later, someone tells me that ballpointcarrot.net isn't functioning. I figure, "I can check it when I find some time. It's been busy."

Cue almost a month after that, and I find that Posterous is gone (as is the content on the old blog). Now, I'm working to rebuild and reset different platforms/ideas that can both provide me CNAME linking to blog.ballpointcarrot.net, and I ran across Github Pages and Octopress. I'm gonna give it a try for a while, and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the main ballpointcarrot site has to go through a redesign, as the automatic feed parsing thing has broken enough times that it's time to replace it. Expect a new look (but the same old logo) sometime when I find some more time again - so November, maybe. :S