The Dailies:


Running through updates in various places, and realized for something meant to be "daily", I haven't updated for a while.

May have to reduce the friction of updating here. Could be a fun project on its own.


Participated in a discussion on people learning ruby, and it reminded me of _why and his Poignant Guide.

Sure, by now it's dated, and the syntax doesn't hold up to best practices 100%, but even reading through it today, it's entertaining and captures your interest.

It's why I still consider ruby my "I need to get shit done" language - it just feels right.


Just put all of my choir stuff for the next two weeks on the calendar. I may spend more time at the Cathedral than I do at home over the week leading up to Easter.


I wonder, with the rapid rise of Kubernetes, how long it takes before it is replaced/fizzles out. I've seen separate opinions, and I just don't have enough experience with it to know which way I think.


Best April Fool's gag of the day for me was the ThinkGeek Mimic delivery package.

StackOverflow's Geocities theme was pretty good, too.


Knocked out a few leetcode problems today. Relied pretty heavily on the Rust docs while doing it, but that's because I don't have the Rust stdlib under my belt yet.

Results were better than expected, although I took longer to get to solutions than I wanted. Anyway, forward progress.


Today was a relax day; I did no programming today. Instead, I went out and cleaned up the garden, and played video games. It's good to have a change of pace every once in a while. Also, working the body tends to refresh the mind.